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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

All N-Series and Pro2-Series (Single and Dual) printers can print the total build volume advertised.

Both nozzles on a printer can individually print at full volume.

(L x W x H) mm/inch:

Pro2: 305 x 305 x 300 mm/ 12 x 12 x 11.8 inch

Pro2 Plus: 305 x 305 x 610 mm/ 12 x 12 x 23.8 inch

N1: 205 x 205 x 205 mm/ 8 x 8 x 8 inch

N2: 305 x 305 x 305 mm/ 12 x 12 x 12 inch

N2 Plus: 305 x 305 x 610 mm/ 12 x 12 x 24 inch


All printers come standard with 0.4mm brass nozzle(s). 

Additional hardened nozzles can also be purchased in 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm and 1.0mm (1.0mm is only designed for Pro2-Series printers).


Any filaments with printing temperatures under 300°C are compatible with the N-Series and Pro2-Series printer; including 3rd party filaments. Raise3D filaments and other tested filaments will have pre-made profiles available in ideaMaker. 

For all other filaments, profiles can be input manually. If using a 3rd party filament, Raise3D recommends using the settings as provided by the filament manufacturer.

Raise3D filaments and other tested filaments will have pre-made profiles available in ideaMaker or listed under the following page:


N-Series printers are compatible with most 1kg filament spools.

Raise3D spool holders are 45.5mm in diameter at their widest part and can accommodate 68.5mm in length (inner diameter). Filament spools wider than 80mm may impair the closure of the side door.

Raise3D filament spools measure: 

Outer Diameter 203mm; 

Outer Depth 74mm Inner; Diameter 51mm; 

Inner Depth 52mm.


Both N-Series and Pro2-Series printers have printer resume feature after power-loss to save printing progress. During a power outage, the printer will shut down and store progress until it receives power. A prompt on the screen will ask if you would like to continue where you left off.


Our complimentary slicing software, ideaMaker, will accept .STL, .OBJ and .3MF files. 

ideaMaker will export a .Gcode file and a .Data file. The .Gcode file will be used to operate the printer and execute the print job. The .Data file is not required for printing, but will provide an image of your model and progress updates on the touch screen of your printer.


Raise3D printers operate using .Gcode and are compatible with slicers that export .Gcode. 3rd party slicers will not provide a .Data file for the touchscreen updates that is provided by ideaMaker.


Lubricants are required to ensure a smooth operation. Overtime, excess lubricant may build up and is a normal byproduct of the printers operation. You can clean this excess grease by wiping down the rod or printer floor with a cloth.


Please feel free to contact our professional technical support engineer if you have any question with our products at

1-Year Limited Warranty Terms:

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP or later
  • Mac OS X v10.7 or later
  • Ubuntu 14.04 or later
  • 2GB of RAM
  • OpenGL 2.0-capable system
  • Intel® Core 2 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor; 2 GHz or faster processor
  • 2.0 GB or more of available hard-disk space
  • 1280 x 800 display with 32-bit color and 512 MB or more of dedicated VRAM

The GPU is not only affecting the slice preview in ideaMaker but also is used to generate .data file which affects the model preview on touchscreen as well.


You can find all the instruction guides and manuals under:

Or reach to Raise Academy at our YouTube Channel:


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